Oct 20, 2023
Azden AZ-DSMX015 DSLR Microphone SMX-15

Azden AZ-DSMX015 DSLR Microphone SMX-15

Azden AZ-DSMX015 DSLR Microphone SMX-15

Are you tired of poor audio quality in your DSLR videos? Look no further! The Azden AZ-DSMX015 DSLR Microphone SMX-15 is here to revolutionize your audio recording experience.


The Azden AZ-DSMX015 DSLR Microphone SMX-15 boasts a range of impressive features:

1. Superior Sound Quality

With its advanced technology, this microphone captures crystal-clear audio, ensuring that every word and sound is recorded with precision.

2. Directional Recording

The SMX-15 is designed to pick up sound from the direction it is pointed at, reducing unwanted background noise and enhancing the clarity of your recordings.

3. Adjustable Sensitivity

Whether you’re recording in a quiet room or a noisy environment, the microphone’s adjustable sensitivity allows you to optimize the audio levels for the best results.

4. Compact and Lightweight

The SMX-15 is specifically designed for DSLR cameras, making it compact and lightweight. It won’t weigh you down during long shoots, ensuring maximum comfort and convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Azden AZ-DSMX015 DSLR Microphone SMX-15 compatible with all DSLR cameras?

A: Yes, this microphone is compatible with most DSLR cameras that have a standard microphone input.

Q: Can I use this microphone for outdoor recordings?

A: Absolutely! The SMX-15 comes with a foam windscreen that helps reduce wind noise, making it perfect for outdoor recordings.

Q: Does the microphone require batteries?

A: Yes, the SMX-15 requires two AAA batteries for operation. However, it has a low power consumption, ensuring long battery life.


The Azden AZ-DSMX015 DSLR Microphone SMX-15 is a game-changer for DSLR videographers. Its superior sound quality, directional recording, adjustable sensitivity, and compact design make it the perfect choice for capturing professional-grade audio. Don’t settle for subpar audio in your videos – invest in the SMX-15 and take your recordings to the next level!

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