Oct 20, 2023
BOYO VISION VTW73M – The Ultimate Rear-View Mirror Upgrade

BOYO VISION VTW73M – The Ultimate Rear-View Mirror Upgrade


Upgrade your driving experience with the BOYO VISION VTW73M – a revolutionary replacement rear-view mirror that combines advanced technology with convenience. With its 7.3″ TFT-LCD backup camera monitor and Wi-Fi Miracast, this mirror is a game-changer in the world of automotive accessories.

Key Features

1. Ultra High Brightness Display

The BOYO VISION VTW73M features a 7.3″ ultra high brightness display, ensuring crystal clear visibility even in bright sunlight. Say goodbye to squinting and straining your eyes while reversing or parking.

2. Wi-Fi Miracast

With built-in Wi-Fi Miracast, this rear-view mirror allows you to mirror your smartphone’s screen directly onto the display. Whether you want to navigate using your favorite GPS app or stream music, the VTW73M has got you covered.

3. Touch Button Control

Forget about fumbling with physical buttons. The touch button control on the VTW73M makes it easy to navigate through menus and adjust settings with just a tap of your finger.

4. Mirror and Normal Image Switch

Switch between mirror and normal image modes effortlessly. Whether you prefer the traditional mirror view or a wider perspective, the VTW73M offers the flexibility to suit your preference.

5. Adjustable Parking Lines

Parking has never been easier. The VTW73M allows you to adjust the parking lines according to your vehicle’s dimensions, ensuring accurate guidance while maneuvering into tight spaces.

6. Auto Reverse Video Trigger

When you engage reverse gear, the VTW73M automatically switches to the backup camera feed, providing you with a clear view of what’s behind you. No more guessing or blind spots.

7. Compatibility with Android and iOS Smartphones

Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, the VTW73M is compatible with both platforms. Simply connect your smartphone via Wi-Fi Miracast and enjoy seamless integration with your favorite apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use the VTW73M with my existing rear-view camera?

A: Yes, the VTW73M is compatible with most aftermarket rear-view cameras. Simply connect your camera to the mirror’s video input and enjoy the enhanced display.

Q: Is installation difficult?

A: Not at all. The VTW73M is designed to be a direct replacement for your existing rear-view mirror. Simply remove your old mirror and attach the VTW73M using the included mounting bracket.

Q: Can I still use the mirror as a regular rear-view mirror?

A: Absolutely. The VTW73M functions as a regular mirror when not in use. You can switch between the mirror and camera display with ease.


The BOYO VISION VTW73M is the ultimate rear-view mirror upgrade for any vehicle. With its advanced features such as the 7.3″ TFT-LCD backup camera monitor, Wi-Fi Miracast, and touch button control, this mirror offers convenience, safety, and style. Say goodbye to outdated mirrors and embrace the future of automotive technology with the VTW73M.

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