Oct 30, 2023
Door Doorbell – The Perfect Solution for Your Business/Shop/Home/Office

Door Doorbell – The Perfect Solution for Your Business/Shop/Home/Office

Door Doorbell – The Perfect Solution for Your Business/Shop/Home/Office

Are you tired of missing customers or visitors at your business, shop, home, or office? Introducing the Door Doorbell – the ultimate wireless door open contact sensor alarm that ensures you never miss anyone entering your premises again. With its impressive 500ft range, 58 doorbell options, and 5 volume levels, the Door Doorbell is the perfect solution for all your entry monitoring needs.

Features and Benefits

Wide Range Coverage

The Door Doorbell offers an impressive 500ft range, allowing you to monitor entry from a distance. Whether you have a large business space or a spacious home, this doorbell ensures you never miss anyone entering.

Multiple Doorbell Options

With 58 doorbell options to choose from, you can customize the sound to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer a classic chime or a modern melody, the Door Doorbell has you covered.

Adjustable Volume Levels

The Door Doorbell offers 5 volume levels, ensuring you can set the perfect level of sound for your environment. Whether you need a loud alert in a noisy shop or a subtle chime in a quiet office, this doorbell has the right volume for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the Door Doorbell work?

The Door Doorbell consists of a transmitter and a plug-in receiver. The transmitter is installed on the door or window, while the receiver is plugged into a power outlet. When the door or window is opened, the transmitter sends a signal to the receiver, triggering the selected doorbell sound.

2. Can I use multiple transmitters with one receiver?

Yes, the Door Doorbell supports multiple transmitters. This is especially useful if you have multiple entry points that you want to monitor.

3. Is the Door Doorbell easy to install?

Absolutely! The Door Doorbell is designed for easy installation. Simply attach the transmitter to the door or window using the provided adhesive tape, and plug in the receiver. No complicated wiring or professional installation required.


Don’t miss another customer or visitor entering your business, shop, home, or office. The Door Doorbell provides a reliable and convenient solution for entry monitoring. With its wide range coverage, multiple doorbell options, and adjustable volume levels, you can customize the doorbell to suit your needs. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to the Door Doorbell!

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