Oct 19, 2023
Exotic India Shri Yantra (Meru)

Exotic India Shri Yantra (Meru)

Exotic India Shri Yantra (Meru)

Discover the mesmerizing beauty of Indian art and spirituality with the Exotic India Shri Yantra (Meru). This exquisite brass sculpture showcases the divine forms of Ganesha, Buddha, and Nataraja, capturing the essence of their respective teachings and symbolism.

About the Product

The Exotic India Shri Yantra (Meru) measures 4.0 inches in height, 3.0 inches in width, and 2.7 inches in depth. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this brass sculpture is a testament to the rich artistic heritage of India.

Brass Sculptures: Ganesha, Buddha, and Nataraja

Immerse yourself in the world of spirituality and enlightenment with our collection of brass sculptures. Each sculpture is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, capturing the divine essence of Ganesha, Buddha, and Nataraja.


Ganesha, the elephant-headed deity, is revered as the remover of obstacles and the lord of beginnings. His presence brings prosperity, success, and good fortune. The Ganesha sculpture in this collection embodies his benevolent and auspicious energy.


Buddha, the enlightened one, represents the path to enlightenment and inner peace. The Buddha sculpture in this collection radiates tranquility and serenity, reminding us to seek wisdom and compassion in our journey towards self-realization.


Nataraja, the cosmic dancer, symbolizes the eternal cycle of creation, preservation, and destruction. The Nataraja sculpture in this collection captures the dynamic and graceful movements of Lord Shiva, reminding us of the interconnectedness of all things.

Package Length and Details

The Exotic India Shri Yantra (Meru) comes with a package length of 3.5 inches, ensuring its safe delivery to your doorstep. Each sculpture is carefully packaged to preserve its intricate details and beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Is the sculpture made of pure brass?
  • A: Yes, the Exotic India Shri Yantra (Meru) is made of high-quality brass.
  • Q: Can I place this sculpture outdoors?
  • A: It is recommended to display the sculpture indoors to protect it from harsh weather conditions.
  • Q: Does the sculpture come with a stand?
  • A: No, the sculpture does not come with a stand. It can be placed on any flat surface.


Experience the beauty and spirituality of India with the Exotic India Shri Yantra (Meru). This brass sculpture of Ganesha, Buddha, and Nataraja is a testament to the rich cultural heritage and artistic traditions of India. Place it in your home or office to create a serene and sacred atmosphere, reminding you of the divine presence in your life.

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