Oct 17, 2023
Human Skeleton Model – Scientific Anatomy Bundle

Human Skeleton Model – Scientific Anatomy Bundle

Human Skeleton Model – Scientific Anatomy Bundle


The human skeletal system is a fascinating and complex structure that provides support, protection, and movement to the body. Understanding its basic details is essential for students studying anatomy and healthcare professionals alike. Our 17-inch scientific anatomy bundle offers a comprehensive and interactive way to explore the human skeletal system.

Key Features:

Realistic Model:

The human skeleton model included in this bundle is meticulously crafted to resemble the actual human skeletal system. It accurately depicts the size, shape, and positioning of each bone, making it an excellent tool for visual learning.

Durable Construction:

Made from high-quality materials, our skeleton model is built to withstand frequent use in classrooms or healthcare settings. It is designed to be durable and long-lasting, ensuring that it remains a valuable educational resource for years to come.

Interactive Learning:

The skeleton model is fully articulated, allowing students to manipulate and study each bone individually. This hands-on approach enhances the learning experience and helps students grasp the intricate connections and movements of the skeletal system.

Comprehensive Bundle:

In addition to the skeleton model, our bundle includes a detailed guidebook that provides in-depth information about each bone and its functions. This comprehensive resource serves as a valuable reference for students and educators.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is the skeleton model life-sized?

No, the skeleton model is 17 inches tall, which is slightly smaller than the average adult human skeleton. However, it accurately represents the proportions and structure of the human skeletal system.

2. Can the skeleton model be disassembled?

Yes, the skeleton model can be disassembled into its individual bones for closer examination. This feature allows students to study each bone in detail and understand its specific characteristics.

3. Is the guidebook included in the bundle?

Yes, the bundle includes a comprehensive guidebook that provides detailed information about each bone in the human skeletal system. It serves as a valuable resource for studying and understanding the skeletal system.


The Human Skeleton Model – Scientific Anatomy Bundle is an invaluable tool for studying the basic details of the human skeletal system. Its realistic design, durability, and interactive features make it an excellent choice for classroom demonstrations and individual study. Enhance your understanding of the human body with this comprehensive educational resource.

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