Oct 11, 2023
Ice Yarns Picasso Fairytale – Pink Purple Grey Blue Fuzzy with Subtle Sheen Yarn

Ice Yarns Picasso Fairytale – Pink, Purple, Grey, Blue Fuzzy with Subtle Sheen Yarn


The Ice Yarns Picasso Fairytale is a stunning self-striping yarn that comes in shades of pink, purple, grey, and blue. It is made from a blend of polyester and acrylic, giving it a soft and fuzzy texture with a subtle sheen. This yarn is perfect for creating beautiful accessories and cozy sweaters that will keep you warm and stylish.


– Self-striping yarn: Each ball of Picasso Fairytale yarn has a unique combination of colors, creating a beautiful striped effect in your projects.
– Fuzzy texture: The yarn has a slightly fuzzy texture, adding depth and dimension to your knitted or crocheted items.
– Subtle sheen: The yarn has a subtle sheen that catches the light, giving your projects a touch of elegance.
– Versatile: This yarn is suitable for a wide range of projects, from scarves and hats to blankets and sweaters.
– Easy care: The Picasso Fairytale yarn is machine washable on a gentle cycle, making it convenient to clean and maintain.


– Weight: 50 grams (1.75 ounces)
– Yardage: 125 yards
– Fiber content: 56% Polyester, 44% Acrylic
– Recommended needle size: 5 mm / US 8
– Gauge: 20 stitches and 25 rows = 4 x 4 inches

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use this yarn for knitting and crocheting?

Yes, the Ice Yarns Picasso Fairytale yarn is suitable for both knitting and crocheting. It works well with a variety of stitch patterns and is easy to work with.

2. How many skeins do I need for a sweater?

The number of skeins needed for a sweater depends on the size and pattern of the sweater. As a general guideline, you will need approximately 4-6 skeins for an average-sized adult sweater.

3. Is this yarn suitable for baby items?

Yes, the Picasso Fairytale yarn is safe to use for baby items. However, it is always recommended to check the care instructions and choose appropriate patterns for baby garments.

4. Can I mix this yarn with other yarns?

Yes, you can mix the Picasso Fairytale yarn with other yarns to create unique color combinations and textures in your projects. Experiment and have fun!


The Ice Yarns Picasso Fairytale is a beautiful and versatile yarn that will add a touch of elegance to your knitting and crocheting projects. With its self-striping design, fuzzy texture, and subtle sheen, it is perfect for creating stunning accessories and cozy sweaters. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced crafter, this yarn will inspire you to create unique and stylish pieces. So grab your needles or hooks and start crafting with Ice Yarns Picasso Fairytale!

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