Oct 19, 2023
Metal DND Dice Set – Unique Round Hollow Orb Design for Better Rolling

Metal DND Dice Set – Unique Round Hollow Orb Design for Better Rolling

Metal DND Dice Set – Unique Round Hollow Orb Design for Better Rolling

Introducing the Hollow Orbs Collection

The most unique dice release from SOAR FORGE yet, the Hollow Orb Collection are engineered with precise balance, spherical smooth rolling and an eye-catching font. (*Expedited US Patent Pending, Foreign Patent Issued)

Since the invention of the wheel, people have known that round things roll, well…round dice do too.

Finally, no more of the same old dice. Discover new and unique Hollow Orbs and change the way you roll forever and take your gaming up a notch with these amazing hollow orb dice.

Get an edge to power up your game so you can mercilessly vanquish your enemies and improve your odds!

Made with larger than average dimensions using durable yet lightweight metal, these Dnd dice feel amazing and perform superbly in any campaign situation. Make your next game night an overwhelming victory!

With a cool selection of colors to choose from, there’s sure to be a set with an affinity for every player. You won’t find this extremely unique and eye-catching dice set anywhere else.

But beware – such a stunning set of dice are bound to make some in your DND group develop a severe case of dice envy.

They’re the perfect treasure for collectors, DM’s, dice goblins or any avid gaming adventurer.

Round Dice Roll Better

Our unique Hollow Orbs feel amazing to roll with smooth, balanced and random rolling. They ‘snap’ into place much like sharp edge polyhedral dice but perform better than regular DND metal dice that land and stop without much roll. With no sharp edges, our dice are family, furniture and DM friendly. 😉 (*Design patent issued. Expedited Utility patent also pending for round dice)

Unique New Design

Elegant, unique and intricately detailed. The artistically styled Ancient Dragon dice design not only look beautiful but exude a magical aura. You’ll be sure to enchant the rest of the table as you pull them out at a game. The eye-catching, clear numbers are also really easy to read.

Just the Right Heft and Size

Hollow Metal Dice Orbs are not only highly durable but lighter than you’d think, with just the right heft and size to make them feel great in the hand. The satisfying jingling sound they make when they clink together is almost musical.

Dice Pouch Included

The cool looking pouch conveniently protects and stores your Orbs so they won’t get lost after a game or get dinged up while in transit. Plus it looks good enough to make the set even more giftable than it already was. These role playing dice are perfect for dice goblins, DM’s and other RPG enthusiasts!

Soar Forge Satisfaction Promise

Create lasting memories with friends and family knowing that if you’re not totally satisfied with this d&d dice set for any possible reason, just let us know and we’ll do our absolute best to make it right again.

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