Oct 7, 2023
NEEWER Motorized Camera Dolly with App Control for iOS/Android Smartphone

NEEWER Motorized Camera Dolly with App Control for iOS/Android Smartphone


The NEEWER DL200 Motorized Dolly with App Control is a versatile and innovative camera accessory that allows for smooth and precise camera movements. With its intelligent app control, this motorized dolly can be easily operated using Android or iOS smartphones. It offers three modes: Manual, Video, and Time Lapse, providing flexibility and convenience for various shooting scenarios.


Smartphone App Control

The NEEWER DL200 Motorized Dolly can be paired with iOS and Android smartphones, allowing for wireless smart control. The dedicated app offers a user-friendly interface and supports three modes: Manual, Video, and Time Lapse. With personalized settings that can be saved for quick application, you can easily achieve the desired camera movements.

Free Movement & 5 Speed Levels

This motorized dolly can move smoothly in straight lines or run side to side on even surfaces. By adjusting the wheel angles, you can also achieve curved lines or circular movements. The dolly offers five speed levels, allowing you to control the speed of the camera movement with precision.

Shooting Mode Customization

In Manual mode, you have full control over the movement directions, speed levels, and movement modes. In Video mode, you can set the movement distance and choose between even or slow movement modes. In Time Lapse mode, you can customize the shutter speed, frame length, number of shots, and even enable fixed point shooting. Please note that time lapse photography requires a camera shutter cable, which is not included.

Smooth & Silent Step Motors

The NEEWER DL200 Motorized Dolly is equipped with precision bearings on the wheels, ensuring smooth and stable camera movements. The high precision motor used in this dolly ensures silent operation, keeping the sound level below 30dB during use. This feature creates a quiet and professional video recording environment.

Foldable Design & Wide Application

The dolly features a foldable design, making it easy to store and transport. It comes with a 1/4″ mounting screw and a 360-degree ball head, allowing you to mount various devices such as smartphones, mirrorless cameras, DSLR cameras, and action cameras. With a maximum load capacity of 6.6lb (3kg), this motorized dolly is suitable for a wide range of applications, including live streaming, interviewing, advertising, food videos, filmmaking, and more.


– Model: DL200
– Input: 5V 2A
– Output: 3.7V 1A
– Connection: Bluetooth 5.0
– Charging Time: 3 hours
– Continuous Runtime: 3 hours
– Weight: 24.2oz / 685g
– Load Capacity: 6.6lb / 3kg
– Working Temperature: 14°F – 40°F / -10°C – 40°C
– Working Humidity: 40% – 80% HR at 77°F/25°C
– Storage Temperature: -4°F – 140°F / -20°C – 60°C
– Storage Humidity: <93% HR at 104°F/40°C

Package Contents

– 1 x Motorized Dolly
– 1 x USB Type C Charging Cable
– 1 x Ball Head
– 1 x Phone Holder
– 1 x Storage Bag


The NEEWER DL200 Motorized Dolly with App Control is a reliable and versatile camera accessory that offers precise and smooth camera movements. With its smartphone app control, customizable shooting modes, and silent operation, this motorized dolly is suitable for various videography styles and applications. Whether you are a professional filmmaker or a content creator, the NEEWER DL200 Motorized Dolly will enhance your videos and provide you with endless creative possibilities.

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