Oct 25, 2023
Product Description – FINISH LINE Ez Willow Poultice 5lb

Product Description – FINISH LINE Ez Willow Poultice, 5lb

FINISH LINE Ez Willow Poultice, 5lb

Introducing the revolutionary FINISH LINE Ez Willow Poultice, 5lb – the ultimate solution for your horse’s muscle and joint discomfort. This innovative product is specially formulated to provide fast-acting relief and support, allowing your equine companion to perform at their best. With its unique blend of natural ingredients, Ez Willow Poultice is a must-have for every horse owner.


1. Fast-Acting Relief

Ez Willow Poultice is designed to provide immediate relief to your horse’s muscles and joints. Its powerful formula penetrates deep into the affected areas, soothing inflammation and reducing discomfort. Say goodbye to long recovery periods and hello to a happier, healthier horse.

2. Natural Ingredients

We believe in the power of nature, which is why Ez Willow Poultice is made with only the finest natural ingredients. Arnica, chamomile, and comfrey work together to promote healing and reduce swelling. These botanical extracts have been used for centuries to treat various ailments, making them a safe and effective choice for your horse.

3. Easy Application

Applying Ez Willow Poultice is a breeze. Simply spread a thin layer of the poultice onto the affected area and cover with a wrap. The poultice will stay in place, allowing the active ingredients to work their magic. No more messy applications or complicated procedures – Ez Willow Poultice makes caring for your horse’s muscles and joints a simple task.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How often should I apply Ez Willow Poultice?

A: For optimal results, apply Ez Willow Poultice once a day or as directed by your veterinarian. If your horse’s condition worsens or does not improve, consult a professional.

Q: Can Ez Willow Poultice be used on other animals?

A: Ez Willow Poultice is specifically formulated for horses and has not been tested on other animals. We recommend consulting with a veterinarian before using it on any other species.

Q: Is Ez Willow Poultice safe to use with other medications?

A: While Ez Willow Poultice is generally safe to use, it is always best to consult with a veterinarian if your horse is currently on any medications. They can provide guidance on potential interactions and ensure the best course of treatment.


When it comes to your horse’s well-being, don’t settle for anything less than the best. FINISH LINE Ez Willow Poultice, 5lb offers a unique and effective solution for muscle and joint discomfort. With its fast-acting relief, natural ingredients, and easy application, this product is a game-changer in equine care. Give your horse the support they deserve and experience the difference with Ez Willow Poultice.

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