Oct 16, 2023
Reaction Tackle Deluxe Bait Binder – The Perfect Fishing Companion

Reaction Tackle Deluxe Bait Binder – The Perfect Fishing Companion

Reaction Tackle strives to provide high-quality fishing supplies and tackle to make fishing easier, convenient, and more enjoyable. Our customers’ satisfaction is what we strive to achieve, and our products are aimed to be easy to use and convenience-oriented to make for a happy customer.

The Ultimate Fishing Companion

The Reaction Blue and Black Tackle Bag are designed to make every fishing trip easier! It’s made with 600D PVC waterproof materials, making it a bag that prioritizes comfort, has the strength and capacity to take care of your tackle boxes, and can get wet without getting damaged. The waterproof bottom makes sure the bag stays dry even when kept on wet surfaces so that you don’t have to deal with wet shirts and car seats on your way back. It’s made durable and strong, giving it a long life as your fishing companion and home to your tackle boxes. The addition of multiple straps prioritizes comfort and convenience, giving you multiple options in terms of how you want to carry the bag. If one way gets difficult, you have the option to switch to another and gain some relief without any delay.

Ample Storage Space

The tackle backpack is available in 3 sizes to make sure that whatever your storage needs may be, our bags can meet them. The medium size can hold 7 3600 trays, the large can easily accommodate 7-8 3700 trays in the main compartment and 4 additional trays in the front and side, while XL can store up to 12 3700 trays in the main component, alongside 4 additional trays in the front and side. This gives you plenty to choose from when it comes to the size and capacity that suits you most. Our fishing tackle storage is made to handle your fishing needs well, and with it, you’ll feel the difference.

Convenient and Easy to Carry

A better fishing experience is one purchase away. Add to cart now! The Reaction Tackle Deluxe Bait Binder is designed to be the perfect solution for organizing your soft baits and fishing accessories. With tons of pockets and sleeves, you can easily store everything from hooks to fishing lines. The durable salt water-resistant materials and heavy-duty zippers ensure that everything stays secured at all times. The soft handle makes carrying comfortable and easy on the hands, and the binder is also easy to store when not in use.

Package Includes
  • Single fishing lure binder
  • 4 extra-large sleeves
  • 2 double access sleeves

With the Reaction Tackle Deluxe Bait Binder, you’ll never have to worry about disorganized tackle again. Keep everything in one place and have everything you need for the perfect fishing experience. Don’t miss out on this essential fishing accessory!


Invest in the Reaction Tackle Deluxe Bait Binder and take your fishing game to the next level. With its high-quality construction, ample storage space, and convenient carrying options, this bait binder is a must-have for any angler. Stay organized, keep your soft baits secure, and enjoy a hassle-free fishing experience. Order yours today and experience the difference!

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