Oct 10, 2023
Signzworld Sublimation Mugs – High Quality Blank Plain White Coffee Mugs

Signzworld Sublimation Mugs – High Quality Blank Plain White Coffee Mugs

Signzworld Sublimation Mugs – High Quality Blank Plain White Coffee Mugs

Are you looking for high-quality blank coffee mugs for your sublimation printing needs? Look no further than Signzworld Sublimation Mugs! Our mugs are AAA Grade, ensuring the highest quality possible. With a smooth, speckless, and straight surface, these mugs are perfect for creating vibrant and long-lasting images.


  • Volume: 11 oz
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Handle: Large handle
  • Packing: 6 Mugs in 1 Packaging (NO gift boxes included)

Beautiful Coffee Mugs

Signzworld sublimation mugs feature a smooth white surface, straight sides, and a shiny, dazzling finish. These mugs are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Whether you’re using them for personal use or as a gift, they are sure to impress.


Our sublimation mugs are ideal for sublimation printing, heat press, and 3D vacuum oven. The double sublimation coating ensures that your designs transfer smoothly and accurately onto the mug’s surface, resulting in vibrant and high-quality prints.


Worried about the durability of your printed designs? Don’t be! Signzworld mugs are dishwasher safe and microwave safe. They do not fade after multiple washes or dishwasher cycles, ensuring that your images remain vibrant and long-lasting. Additionally, these mugs are safe for contact with food and drink, making them perfect for everyday use.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can I use these mugs for other printing methods?
  2. While these mugs are specifically designed for sublimation printing, you can also use them for other printing methods such as screen printing or vinyl decals.

  3. Do the mugs come with gift boxes?
  4. No, the mugs are packaged in a set of 6 without gift boxes. However, you can easily find suitable gift boxes or packaging options to enhance the presentation if desired.

  5. Can I customize the mugs with my own designs?
  6. Absolutely! These blank mugs are perfect for customization. Simply use your sublimation printer or other printing methods to transfer your designs onto the mugs.

In conclusion, Signzworld Sublimation Mugs are the perfect choice for anyone in need of high-quality blank coffee mugs. With their AAA Grade quality, large handle, and beautiful finish, these mugs are not only functional but also visually appealing. Whether you’re a business owner looking to offer personalized mugs or an individual wanting to create unique gifts, these sublimation mugs are the ideal solution. Order your pack of 36 today and start creating stunning designs!

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