Oct 2, 2023
Solo Stove Mesa XL Tabletop Fire Pit with Stand

Solo Stove Mesa XL Tabletop Fire Pit with Stand

Solo Stove Mesa XL Tabletop Fire Pit with Stand

The Mesa XL is a tabletop fire pit that brings warmth to the table. It is perfect for backyard and urban settings, and is portable and perfect for terraces, balconies, and small gardens. Inspired by the popular Solo Stove Fire Pits, the Mesa XL comes in a bigger size than our Mesa but it’s just as portable and perfect for terraces, balconies and small gardens. Thoughtfully designed with new seasonal colors, Mesa is an interactive centerpiece that enhances your space鈥檚 aesthetic.


Dual Fuel Grate for Versatile Use

The Mesa XL incorporates an innovative Dual Fuel Grate, which allows you to choose between wood or pellets, offering flexibility for different preferences. With Signature 360掳 Airflow, Mesa鈥檚 flames will burn ultra-hot whether you鈥檙e burning pellets or wood.

Extended Burn Time

To light your Mesa, simply place your fuel inside and light your firestarter to enjoy a warm fire from the fireplace in just a couple of minutes. The Mesa XL features an ample fuel capacity for wood up to 17 cm long and up to 1000 g of pellets. With this generous capacity, you can enjoy extended burn times of 45-60 minutes and sustained ambiance without frequent refueling.

Includes Stand for Safe Burning and Nylon Carry Bag

Give your fire pit a solid surface to rest on. Simply place Mesa in the center and light your fire. When you鈥檙e ready to pick up and go, fold in the legs and nest your stand inside Mesa’s portable carry bag for compact storage and ultra portability.

Long-lasting and Portable

Just like Solo Stove鈥檚 Best Selling Fire Pits, The Mesa is made from highly durable 304 stainless steel, surprisingly lightweight, and won鈥檛 cave under the pressure of an ultra-hot roasting flame. Made with high-heat ceramic coating, Mesa鈥檚 color will stay vibrant and resist patina for years to come. Dimensions (HxW) 鈥?21,8 x 17,8 cm, 1 kg.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Mesa XL be used indoors?

No, the Mesa XL is designed for outdoor use only.

Can the Mesa XL be used with propane?

No, the Mesa XL is designed to be fueled by pellets or wood only.

Is the Mesa XL easy to clean?

Yes, the Mesa XL is easy to clean. Simply remove the ashes and wipe down the stainless steel surface.


The Solo Stove Mesa XL Tabletop Fire Pit with Stand is the perfect addition to your outdoor space. It brings warmth and ambiance to any backyard or urban setting. With its innovative Dual Fuel Grate, extended burn time, and portable design, the Mesa XL offers versatility and convenience. Made from durable stainless steel, it is built to last and resist patina. Upgrade your outdoor gatherings with the Mesa XL.

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